Sale is a bustling town in Gippsland Vic that has many services available to visitors and is only 2.5 hrs from Melbourne and only 4.5 hrs from Ballarat.            

Need a few more creature comforts for a stay in the area Sale has a lot to offer.

There is ample accommodation  in Sale and you still can hit the Ninety Mile Beach in approx 25mins easy drive.

The great thing about Sale is that there is so much so close in all directions making day trips a breeze and when you get back there is some wonderful establishments to relax in.

There is a myriad of eateries with Raymond St alive with coffee shops and cafe's to rival Lygon St Carlton. What are you waiting for hop in the car and come on down.












FOR ALL EMERGENCIES CALL 000                                                             FOR ALL EMERGENCIES CALL 000             


The CFA Gippsland Fire Training Complex West Sale previously occupied by the National Safety Council Of Victoria was primarily established to provide fire training for volunteers from CFA Brigades within Gippsland.


Since its establishment careful management has seen the area develop to incorporate a wide range of specialist training from Breathing Apparatus to Confined Space Rescue.

Industry regulations now require employees to be adequately trained to deal with a whole range of Workplace Emergency Response Issues and as a result Employers have looked to the CFA for assistance in training its employee's.

In 2002 CFA Gippsland Area introduced Workplace Emergency Response training packages that were registered and met a National Standard, this allowed competency based training to be put into effect for external clients in  general Industry. Over 2000 people have been trained by this team from CFA Gippsland Area and with a growing list of over 100 Industrial clients one can only suggest that they are providing what the customer wants and lets not forget that this is not a free service but a service based on standard Industry costs. 

The good news is that the funds generated by this program are returned to the training complex for its continued improvement for use by Volunteer Fire Fighters. 


Workplace Emergency Response Training

Contact: 03-514 30901 During Business Hours.


Total Fire Bans prohibit the lighting of any fires in the open air. The ban includes all campfires, all solid fuel barbecues and portable barbecues in excess of 20 metres away from a permanent dwelling. It also includes incinerators, welding, grinding, soldering or gas cutting.


Fire Restrictions can be applied across most areas of Victoria by CFA, when fire danger is high. Typically this is over the summer period of November through to April. Note that your local council may also have bylaws in place which restrict activity involving fire or open flame.








The Ninety Mile Beach Gippsland, a piece of Victoria's coast that has an ever changing sense of beauty.

Famous for its surf fishing and clean sandy beach.

There are many free campsites between Seaspray and Golden/Paradise beach that attracts visitors all year round.

 Bring the Kids and enjoy one of natures wonder lands.

Seaspray and Golden beach have Takeaway food and General Stores. Also available is coin operated HOT showers for campers at Golden Beach.

While at Lochsport you also have access to the Gippsland lakes as well.

Boating swimming, fishing lake or surf your choice. Surf's Up wax up the board.